1959 Chevrolet Corvette Barn Find Looks Ready For Full Restoration

Although Corvette held a special place in the hearts of American customers and the GM brand, Impala played a significant role in helping Chevrolet regain its reputation in the late 1950s.

With the introduction of the 1959 model year, Chevrolet attempted to address the majority of complaints by reducing the amount of chrome and emphasizing a more sporty appearance. Everything worked out perfectly because the Corvette became lighter after giving up on the chrome, which resulted in better performance numbers.

The interior received subtle but important tweaks, once again, in an attempt to address the complaints received by the previous model. Chevrolet repositioned the door handles and the armrest, and the Corvette now came with a storage compartment as well.

One particular change that helps distinguish a ’59 Corvette from its predecessor is the tachometer. Starting with the new model year, the Vette indicated up to 7,000 rpm, so it also sported a redline and everything.

I recently found this 1959 Corvette on eBay, and it’s a small piece of Chevrolet history because it’s still complete and has all of its original features. The car was found in a barn, which means it was kept inside for a very long time. Or so the seller says, adding that there is no rot in the chassis either.

For a car this ancient, the present metal condition isn’t nearly as awful as you would anticipate. Though it has to be fixed, the massive holes that usually call for new floors or trunk pans have not yet been caused by the rust cancer. Indeed, a thorough restoration is still necessary, but the vehicle appears to meet the majority of the requirements for a strong contender.

Sadly, there is very little to no information provided on the engine. It is impossible to determine whether or not the engine is jammed, but we do know that it no longer starts. The 1959 model year numbers only provide basic information, including the manufacturing year and the assembly plant (the Corvette was built at the St. Louis, Missouri facility), so the VIN code is also useless.

It should come as no surprise that the car has drawn attention from the minute it appeared online and started searching for a new owner. With 24 competitors vying to be the first to take this Corvette home and probably treat it like the luxury vehicle it deserves, the competition is already fierce

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