Chevelle was one of the most popular muscle cars without a doubt, we have received some incredible engines under the hood of these iconic vehicles over the years.

Those times are gone and now some of the modern muscle cars even went for four cylinder turbo engines which is kinda sad even though it does offer good performances.

Let’s turn to the topic, the last third gen was in production until 1977 meaning that has passed a long time since the final units were delivered, but again, this might not be an obstacle for the company to reintroduce it to the market.

For the car to be successful, it would need to pay homage to the original but to be modern and in line with other vehicles offered in the segment.

What we will talk about again is the need for the car maker to bring iconic looks of the most popular version and to combine it with all the latest tech.

We can see more than a few great examples of this today and when we add that vehicles like Chevrolet Camaro and Ford Mustang are near and even above 100,000 units per year it is a logical move for a carmaker to bring another model that could further boost sales figures of the company.

On the other side you need to get real and consider the possibility that: 1. it’s quite impossible to come up with good names for all of the cars.

Eventually, you’re going to run out of good name ideas which are short, easy to say and catchy.

With a number of vehicles on sale today, that task is hard and next to impossible. Then we have the fact that manufacturers are banking and playing on a car’s history and heritage so they can sell more units.

Think for example the Ford Mustang. If they renamed it after the first gen, it wouldn’t have even half of the appeal today, would it? Yes, you could make an argument that it’s a continued evolution rather than building a “tribute” almost 20 years later, but the point stands.

So when does this leave us on the name front ?

When it comes to cars and boring names, a majority of people don’t care if you will use the name again or not.

If it’s only a consumer vehicle to get you from A to B for your average Joe, who cares right.

But, once you get into the luxury cars, the sports cars, the El Caminos and the Chevelles, it matters a lot.

Rumors regarding the new El Camino have been circulating the internet for a while now, but it seems that almost all of the glory has been stolen by the “new” Chevelle.

The current Chevrolet SS has faced problems in selling lately.

In 2015 only 3000 units were sold, this makes it one of Chevy’s worst models at the moment (sales and profit wise).

We might soon see it get discontinued which leaves the question: will the Chevelle take its spot? Well, the guys at Chevrolet don’t want to give much detail so they’re neither denying nor agreeing with the fact that a Chevelle model for sure will soon join the lineup.

Personally we think that if the SS gets discontinued, we will see a Chevelle return simply to boost profit and fill the gap.

We are not saying that Chevrolet will do it simply for profit, but the fact of the matter is that if the SS was named Chevelle, some clever advertising with the name could have seen it skyrocket the sales up to 3, 4 or even 5 times as much. We’ll let you read into that on your own, but if there’s one thing certain, it’s that the name brings a lot of attention and popularity or lack of it to a car.

We still have some time to wait and see what will happen, but for sure we woulndt mind receiving a rear-wheel driven, four-door Chevelle.

And especially one that hides a large 6.2-liter V8 under the hood with upwards of 400 hp.

Well, we say that but the reality is that the base engine will most likely be a 3.6-liter V6 with around 300hp. Still, that’s not bad, considering you’re pushing around 280 lb-ft of torque. It’s the V8 where all the fun starts. No, it’s not all about the power, but the sound of it as well.

The six-speed manual is almost certainly going to happen (if the car gets built ), but there’s always the option of a six-speed or an eight-speed auto.

Power should be sent to the rear wheels only, but with the current state of the sedan market, we wouldn’t be surprised if it gets all-wheel drive as well. Markets that get affected by heavier snow tend to go for all-wheel drive cars (Canada, parts of U.S.) and having an AWD sedan for those regions might prove to be a hit on sales.

Based on some calculations taking into consideration when the SS should be retired and a host of other factors, we’re sorry to say that the Chevelle won’t see the light of day before 2021 at best.

But think at it this way: you have all that time to hope that it gets built and in the meantime, enjoy GM’s other products. The Camaro seems to be a great place to turn at a time like this.


Driver Plows over Protesters Blocking Highway

The first time you look at it, you just can’t believe it. It looks just like the scene from a movie about a madman! The video will make you jump right out of your chair.

We don’t know what these people were protesting for. But they had blocked a section of some highway.

We don’t know where exactly this happened, but supposedly this happened somewhere near Sao Paulo in Brazil.        I for one totally don’t understand such means of protest. If you want to protest, go outside the town hall.

Have campaigns. But blocking public roads and not letting normal people go about their lives is just stupid.

What are your thoughts on this ?



While most of us notice a fifties car, few draw a crowd quite like the Skyliner Retractable, especially when they are in the condition of this great example from 1958. Part of the top-of-the-line Fairlane 500 series, these cars were a sign you had arrived, literally.

This was the year that saw the Skyliner Retractable in its second year of a rather short three year run. While it was a technological marvel, and wonderful showcase model for Ford, its run was rather short-lived and the final Skyliner Retractable was seen the following year.

Of thirteen solid colors along with Style-Tone and two-tone options Ford had available, this Raven Black over Colonia White combination is certainly eye-catching on this ’58 Skyliner.

side view of a 58 Ford Skyliner with the top down

And here’s the side view with the top up showing the Thunderbird styled roof. The almost full-length trim with anodized gold insert was a distinctive feature of the Fairlane 500 cars.

1958 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner Side View with the roof up

At the rear you’ll see that it was much bigger than the other 1958 Fords so it could accommodate the roof and associated mechanisms. It obviously used different sheet metal to the other models in the line-up, costing Ford a small fortune that was never fully recouped.

Rear of the 58 Skyliner Retractable

Putting the top up and down was a complex affair involving multitude of power relays, circuit breakers, limit switches, drive motors, lock motors and around 600 feet of wiring! “Touch a button and this Skyliner removes its own steel top in less than a minute” was how the marketing described the retractable.

58 Ford Retractable in operation

Interiors were upholstered with a rich variety of woven, textured nylon fabrics and leather grained vinyl. Upholstery selections included; random block, Damask, Shadow-Block and Royal Scot Tweed patterns.

1958 Skyliner cloth and vinyl Interior

All full-size Fords used the 223 cubic inch, inline six as the base engine except the Skyliner that could only be ordered with a a V8. The 265 horsepower Interceptor 332 Special was the standard V8 on all Fairlane 500 models.

If you wanted a Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission like on this car you would have had to pay a further $180.

1958 saw Ford move back into the number 2 slot with Chevrolet reclaiming their number one position. Even so, Ford managed to sell well over one million cars.

While sales were relatively good only 14,713 Skyliner Retractable hardtops were sold during the ’58 model year at a base price of $3,138. Apart from the Thunderbird is was the most expensive model that Ford had available that year.


Flared ‘65 Fastback Mustang Restomod with Gabe’s Custom Interior

Gabe’s Custom Interior killed it once again with this immaculate fastback mustang! This car may not be a big power monster but it is a total drivers car with reliability and a killer look! So sit back and enjoy the ride… Source :AutotopiaLA via Youtube


1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with Freshly Rebuilt 351 Cleveland and a Four-Speed

According to the seller of this 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1, the car was “in desperate need of mechanical attention” when he acquired it. He has spent the last couple of years and thousands of dollars restoring its drivetrain, from the 351 Cleveland engine and Top Loader four-speed manual transmission, to the cooling system, exhaust system and more. It is now reported to be in very good running condition.

A Marti report for the car shows it is an original Mach 1, which has undergone a color change to dark blue, along with the addition of some aftermarket performance parts. The seller rates the car’s overall condition as #3, but reports having renewed the all the major mechanical systems.


Per the “V” code on the door ID tag, the original color for this car was Light Pewter, but it was repainted blue prior to the seller’s acquisition of it. He says there are “a few small chips” in the finish, but “the body is straight.” There is no apparent rust and the glass and window seals are said to be in good condition, along with the exterior bright trim, which appears to shine well. All of the exterior lighting works.


The black vinyl interior has been re-trimmed with seat covers featuring blue inserts — and Mustang “running horse” logos — that complement the exterior. The seat upholstery, along with the door panels and dash pad, is in very good condition, with no significant visible wear and no rips or tears, but some visible fading in the dash pad and tops of the door panels. The carpet and headliner are also reported to be in very good condition. Additional aftermarket upgrades include a wood-rimmed steering wheel and a three-gauge panel, as well as a fire extinguisher mounted between the seats. The amp gauge is not hooked up, but all of the other gauges work normally, according to the seller who adds that the car also has functional air conditioning — a must in its Sparks, Nevada hometown. There is no radio in the car and the brake pedal cover is worn to the point of needing replacement. An uninstalled center console goes with the sale.


This Mach 1 was born with a 351 Cleveland V-8 engine and that’s what still resides under the hood. The seller is not certain whether it’s the original engine, but it has been recently rebuilt and now has less than 500 miles on it. Performance enhancements include an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold, Edelbrock four-barrel carburetor, Doug Thorley ceramic-coated headers and a custom exhaust system. There’s also a Summit Racing high-energy ignition distributor and a new radiator. There are no reported leaks or cooling issues with the engine and it reportedly starts, idles and runs very well. The engine compartment features fabricated shock tower braces.

Backing the 351C is a recently installed rebuilt Top Loader four-speed manual gearbox, which sends the engine’s torque to a 9-inch rear axle. The ID sticker indicates the car came with 3.00-geared Traction Lok (limited-slip) rear axle. It is not known whether the original gear set is in place. There are no known leaks with the transmission or axle.


This vehicle will be sold on a clean Nevada title in the seller’s name. Additional paperwork include a Marti report, a complete set of factory service manuals, extensive receipts involving the recent work done during the seller’s ownership, and a laminated wiring diagram.

With all the hard work on the powertrain taken care of, this 1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1’s few needed finishing touches can be selected by the next owner. It’s a way to personalize this muscle car, while enjoying every gear change with the fresh 351 engine and Top Loader four-speed.


1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 327

Clean Alabama car, Rotisserie Restoration, beautiful factory (936) Ermine white, factory (873) two-tone red & ivory interior, original 348 ci engine, Edelbrock 4 bbl, factory intake & exhaust manifolds, factory air cleaner & valve covers, power steering, power front disc brakes with slotted & drilled rotors, air conditioning, automatic transmission, factory bench seat, factory dash, am radio, dual exhaust with chrome tips, factory rear end, 275/40R20 rear tires, 245/45R18 fronts, 18 & 20” American Racing Torque Thrust wheels, factory jack with spare, fender skirts, dual antenna, Collector Quality!


1966 Chevy Chevelle

The previous owner of this beautiful SS Chevelle purchased the car from Ohio about a year ago. He has slowly completed a frame off rotisserie restoration at his shop. He restores about 4 or 5 cars a year. The car was finished in August 2014. Owners Guide and manual for the radio are included in the sale. VIN Decode Year: 1966 Series: (38) SS396, V8 engine Body Style: (17) 2-door sport coupe (35/36/38 series only) Plant: (A) Atlanta, Georgia Chevelle #: 71207 for Atlanta, Georgia Fender Tag Decode 11C – November, 3rd Week 66 – 1966 13817 – SS396 2-Door Sport Coupe ATL – Atlanta, GA Assembly Plant 1795 – body Unit Number 763-B – Black Imitation Leather Bucket Seats A-A – Tuxedo Black 2LG – 4-Speed Transmission, Center Console Mechanics 396ci Engine, Bored .030 Over TRW Pistons Steel Crank Date Code Correct Quadrajet Carb Date Code Correct Intake Date Code Correct M21 4-Speed Transmission Haze Clutch 12 Bolt Posi-Traction Rear End with 3.73:1 Gear Ratio Power Steering Power Front Disc Brakes, Rear Drum Exhaust Manifolds Nice Dual Exhaust System New Fuel Line New Brake Line Parking Brake New Bolts and Bushings Chrome Air Cleaner and Valve Covers Body Painted Beautiful Black in 2014 Beautiful Solid Straight Metal All New Glass All New Chrome Beautiful Fit and Finish Door Lips and Jambs are Clean and Solid Full Quarters Replaced New Trunk Pan Beautifully Painted Frame New Floor Pan Cooper Cobra Radial G/T Tires – 225/70/15 Front and Rear Rally Wheels with Brand New Center Caps and Trim Rings Interior Beautiful Black Interior Bucket Seats Console with Clock Aftermarket Radio Fan Blower Works Wipers Work Factory Gauges 2 Spoke Steering Wheel Seatbelts Front and Rear Nice Door Panels New Headliner New Seat Covers New Carpet



Oldsmobiles were redesigned for the 1957 model year giving a wider stance and much lower look. It was a look that had also ignored fins that were appearing on just about every other car of the period. They also had more powerful engines and a power package (the J-2) was available – which is exactly what’s fitted to this 1957 Oldsmobile Starfire Ninety-Eight Holiday Hardtop Sedan in Banff Blue that has done under 52,000 miles in its life.

The Starfire name was used for Oldsmobile’s Ninety-Eight Convertibles from 1954-1956. For 1957 it was used as a prefix for all models in the Ninety-Eight series.  For some reason this was a one-year only affair and in 1958 they were back to plain “Ninety-Eight” once more.

A three-piece, twin-strut rear window had made a reappearance. The oval taillights hide the gas filler and the dual exhausts exit through the rear bumper.

Rear view of a 1957 Oldsmobile Starfire 98 Holiday

With a wheelbase of 126″ the Starfire 98 is 216.7″ long and 76.4″ wide.

side view of a 57 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 4-door Holiday hardtop

Engines were bigger this year with the introduction of a 371 cubic inch T-400 Rocket V8.  In addition this car has the J-2 power package with 3 x 2-barrel carburetors producing 300 horsepower. Under normal driving only the center carburetor operates. This is paired with a 4-speed ‘Jetaway’ automatic transmission.

1957 Oldsmobile J-2 Rocket V8 engine

Lavish blue cloth interior with Custom-Lounge Cushions is perfectly matched with the door panels.

1957 Oldsmobile interior in blue

The optional Deluxe radio offers powerful six-tube full-fidelity reception. The front speaker is centrally located at the base of the windshield, which acts as a sound reflector!

The Ninety-Eight was top-of-the-line for Oldsmobile and enjoyed standard features such as: an automatic transmission, power brakes and power steering.


1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda

For sale in our Nashville showroom is a 1971 Plymouth Cuda, but not just any Cuda. This is the Cuda you would build if you had all the right contacts and an unlimited stack of hundred dollar bills. This car is a show stopper and a monster all at the same time. I have seen cars that are put together just to look at never be driven only pushed with guys wearing cotton gloves that don’t look this good. I have seen cars that were built to be street monsters that pale in comparison to what lurks under the hood of this car. So here we go, under the hood is a 426 CID V8. Now those in the know are thinking, 426? Elephant? Absolutely! Can you say HEMI baby! But not just any Hemi, oh no, this one was built by the master engine builder and Hemi mad man, Keith Black! So imagine a Keith Black prepped Hemi with dual 4 barrel carburetors backed by a 4 speed manual transmission that slams all that torque to the Dana 60 rear axle housing a 3.5 gear set. Continue to imagine that the Dana is attached to this fine ride with a four link suspension and sway bars sporting coil over shocks. Up front the bumps are tamed by air ride and tubular control arms and K member. Got your attention yet? Thought so! Inside this car is plush, with red leather racing seat and all the right goodies like tilt steering wheel and compact disc player. On the exterior is deep black paint that has been massaged to the point were it looks a mile deep. Of course the chrome pops off this rich black paint job and the added brightness of the LED lights for marker light tail light and even head lights add to the visual effect that has even one’s jaw gaping open. So if you knew all the right people to do the best job possible and had a stack of Hundred Dollar bill tall enough you would have built this car but you don’t need all that, this car is already for you now. Options for this 1970 Cuda for sale include, constant groups of admirers around your car every time it comes to a stop, Also ,Compact disc player, leather seats, tilt steering wheel, Alloy wheels and so much that I can


Restored and Road-Ready 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible

Treated to a frame-off restoration about a decade ago, this 1967 GTO convertible, in Linden Green with a white top and a Parchment interior, is a numbers-matching, high-optioned example of Pontiac’s genre-defining muscle car — and one the owner says “runs beautifully.”

As the “242” code at the beginning of the VIN indicates, this is a true GTO, with Pontiac Historic Services documentation supporting its provenance. It’s an original air-conditioning car, with a hood tach, Rallye II wheels on redline tires, the Hurst dual-gate (aka “his and hers”) shifter and every available power option. The owner purchased the car nine years ago in its restored condition and has used it for pleasure drives since.


The car left the Baltimore, Maryland assembly plant painted Linden Green, per the “H” code on the cowl-mounted body identification plate. That original color was re-sprayed during the restoration. There was no extensive rust repair known to have been performed on the body, which remains visibly free of corrosion. The paint appears to maintain a good shine, with only a couple of cracks in the original-style lacquer and some scratching just behind the passenger door, from apparent rubbing contact. The brightwork and glass show well, with no cracks or chips in any of the glass. The seals and moldings are also in good condition, with no known leaks. The factory hood tachometer works normally. Additionally, the white convertible top is in very good condition, with no splits or tears, and it operates normally, according to the seller.


As with the exterior, the Black/Parchment vinyl interior was completely stripped and redone during the restoration. The front and rear seats were recovered at the time and look to remain in excellent condition, with essentially no visual wear, including the hard seatbacks, which show no apparent scratches. The carpet is believed to be original and also appears to be in good condition, but shows some wear commensurate with its apparent age. All of the interior trim is in place and correct for the ’67 GTO and there are no splits or cracks in the dash pad. Per the seller, all the interior lights work and all the gauges work normally, along with the heater and air-conditioning system. The GTO always had a long list of options available and the first owner of this car eagerly checked plenty of those boxes on the order sheet, equipping this car with a host of power-assisted amenities including the windows, steering, brake, convertible top, driver’s seat, antenna and trunk release. The only non-standard features include an upgraded AM/FM radio with a vintage appearance and an upgraded dash speaker.


The engine is the original, numbers-matching 335-horsepower, 400-cubic-inch V-8, which has about 5,000 miles on a stock-type rebuild. The owner reports it runs very well, with no smoke at startup and no leaks. The engine has an aftermarket MSD ignition coil and plug wires and there is some visible discoloration on the cylinder heads and intake manifold that is consistent with Pontiac V-8 engines that see regular operation.

The engine is paired with GM’s Turbo Hydra-Matic 400 three-speed automatic transmission, which is controlled via a Hurst dual-gate shifter in the center console. It reportedly shifts smoothly, with no known issues or leaks. No known leaks or weeps have been observed from the rear axle, either.


The chassis and suspension were restored and rebuilt, respectively, during the restoration, which was about 10 years ago. The car has been driven approximately 5,000 miles since then and the chassis and suspension components remain in good working order, with no known problems, leaks or needs, according to the seller who also reports smooth, vibration-free driving, with no excessive play in the power steering system and no grabbing or wandering when braking. The car rolls on 15-inch Pontiac Rallye II wheels that are wrapped with BFGoodrich Silvertown Radial redline tires. The owner reports they are about 10 years old and retain approximately 80 percent of their tread.


This vehicle will be sold with the proper Alberta-issued documents for proper transfer of ownership. Additional paperwork includes PHS documentation, which corroborates the original production details of the car, but the basics speak for themselves: It’s a legit 1967 Pontiac GTO Convertible with a hood tach, factory air conditioning and classic redline tires mounted on iconic Rallye II wheels. It’s a timeless combination from the model that launched the muscle car era.