Custom Buick Skylark Looks Ready To Take Flight With Its Color-Matched Attivo 26S

When not roaming the skies as a little species of bird, Buick’s namesake Skylark used to be a passenger car that had six major installments. Highly adaptable, just like its wildlife counterpart, it’s been modified on countless occasions.

In stock form, the model series varied wildly because of changing consumer tastes, embedded technology, as well as the new features and standards implemented over its lifespan of almost half a century. As well as a custom herald of the aftermarket world. Sometimes for the better, other times for the worse.

This new build brought to our attention via Los Angeles, California-based Forgiato’s incessant social media activities, needs to be judged individually. Sure, it may end up a little controversial and we can understand if that Hi-riser appearance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

But it’s made by Xtreme Autosports. The same custom car shop responsible for the outrageous “Pimp Hellcat” Dodge Challenger that featured some very gold camouflage attire. So, we can easily say they have now taken a small step towards redemption.

By the way, in case anyone asks, this ride is for sale – although the aftermarket outlet isn’t keen on sharing too many details. Such as the powertrain that keeps this QA1 Motorsports adjustable suspension Hi-riser on the move, or – you know – the asking price. Still, there are a few interesting highlights attached to this cool before-and-after presentation.

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