Rare and Special 1971 Shelby Mustangs

We believe that enthusiastic Ford car lovers are aware of the 1971 Shelby Mustangs produced for the European market only, but the majority of people have never seen one of these rare classics.

The man responsible for the 1971 Shelby Europa cars was a famous Belgian racer named Claude Dubois that also was one of the first licensed Shelby dealers at the Old Continent. After he heard the news that the production of Shelby Mustangs will be discontinued, he contacted Carroll Shelby and convinced him to send him nine 1971 Mustangs that will be transformed into licensed Shelby’s and then sold in Europe.

Carroll Shelby also attended the Brussels Motor Show along with Claude Dubois, where the 1971 Shelby Mustang debuted and the vehicle got a lot of attention. There were seven Fastbacks (Sports Roofs) and two Convertibles. Both Convertibles and one of the Sportsroof Mustangs were converted to GT500 and those remaining six cars were GT350.

There were seven M-codes, one H-code and one J-code Shelby fitted with the mighty 429 Super Cobra Jet. Most of the other 1971 Shelby Mustangs are still in existence and under the possession of European collectors.

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