A Columbian Farmer Finds Drug Money Worth $600,000,000 Buried By Pablo Escobar

1 A Farmer Just Found This
Digging on his land one day, a farmer in Colombia found this. Now people are saying it’s money left by the Colombian drug lord, Pablo Escobar.

2 About Pablo Escobar
For those who don’t know who Pablo Escobar was, he was one of the most legendary drug kingpins of all time. He made millions and millions of dollars selling cocaine, and he would hide his money all over the country.

3 The Farmer’s Name Is Jose Mariena Cartolos
Jose Mariena Cartolos, aged 65, is the farmer who found this stash. He was given a grant by the Colombian government to dig on his property, and that’s when he found this money.

4 He Was Digging Alone When He Found It
The farmer was digging alone with a single shovel when he struck something hard in the soil. Reaching down, he found a blue container with over 600 million dollars inside.

5 Jose Mariena Cartolos Is A Poor Farmer

Jose Mariena Cartolos is a very poor farmer. He owns very little, so to find this money was a shock indeed.

6 He Won’t Get To Keep It
Unfortunately, Jose Mariena Cartolos won’t get to keep the money. The government has seized it, and is going to use it for social-economic programs (that’s what they say, anyway).

7 The Government Wants More People To Start Digging
The government wants more of this money. They’re encouraging people everywhere to dig for more of Pablo’s stash, as they think there could be more hidden all over the country.


Hoonigan 1972 Chevrolet Napalm Nova

Hoonigan’s 1972 Chevrolet Napalm Nova Nailed the Lope!
Brian Scotto grows out of loving mostly imports, into liking the the epiphany of American metal, in the form of ’72 Nova, with an “I hate you all” attitude.
There is something rather demonic about Brian Scotto’s 1972 Chevy, aptly named Napalm Nova, and we like it.
The car belongs to stuntman Mike Spinelli and its powered by a 454 with an Atomic EFI kit, that breathes thru an H style exhaust with side pipes and coil over adjustable suspension (in case Hooningan decides to use it in some video we presume). Even stuntman don’t want to use a wall to stop every time, and a set of wilwood rotors and calipers is here to prove this.
In the video, we can hear a loping idle rumble that sounds more at home standing at a drag strip Christmas light, then on a stoplight in the middle of the city next to a bus full of kids that are scared to look at it for it might take their lunch money.


Sotto was going for something with attitude and sure got tons of it, which is accented with the ratty details like the rusted thru hole on the Chevy symbol and the locking pliers on the door.
Check out the video for more of this beauty/beast!

Bad 1967 Chevelle SS 700 Horsepower

Baddass Pro Street 1967 Chevelle SS.
Here we have a Pro Street 1967 Chevelle SS that is the beauty and the beast at the same time. The great looking paint job, the shining chrome, gorgeous custom interior the huge tires are what makes this car a beauty.
On the other hand, peaking out of the hood we have a big blower to tell us that this car is not just a pretty face. This supercharged big block pumps out more than 700 horsepower on pump gas and has a custom suspension. Check out the video to hear it and see it in action.



I thought you might like a look at this freshly restored 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. It’s powered by the numbers matching 402 Big-block, that has been freshly rebuilt. While they had it apart, they tossed in a .604 Lift roller cam and added some Doug’s ceramic coated headers. All that power is being sent through a Turbo 400 automatic, back to a 12 bolt rear with 3.55 gears and Posi. It’s painted in the correct Cranberry Red and features a black vinyl top and interior. Up front, they added some SSBC disc brakes, with slotted rotors and aluminum twin-piston calipers. This car is ready to hit the road, with only 2200 miles since completion. I hope you find it interesting, thanks for taking a look!


Incredible 7 Seconds 555ci Twin Turbo Pro Street Bel Air Smokes Camaro Easy!

Check this Incredible 7 Seconds 555ci Twin Turbo Pro Street Bel Air!When it first hit the streets in 1950 the Chevrolet Bel Air was a car that was meant to take you places, but it was the kind of car that was never intended to do it in a hurry since this beautiful automobile was all about stile luxury and enjoying the trip.

To see this huge car, weighing around 3,600lb move so fast is something breath taking on its own and that is the whole deal behind the one that Glenn Hunter Jr. runs.

Related image

Powered by a 555ci Twin Turbo motor this thing runs an amazing 7.77@180.12mph at Cordova Raceway during the race in the Pro Street Power Adder Class on the fourth day of the 2015 Hot Rod Drag Week.

Check out the amazing action of this beautiful Bel Air as it smashes thru the 8 second mark and sets a blistering fast time in the video below :


1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT Eleanor

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT Eleanor e 500
Completely rebuilt dual (2) Edelbroke carburetors, Aluminum Victor Jr Heads,
Eldelbroke Aluminum Intake,
Cobra Valve Covers,
Cobra Oval air filter, Billet Aluminum pedals,
Billet Aluminum GT500E Shifter,

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT Eleanor2.jpg

New Dash pad,
New headliner,
New carpet,
New autometer gauges,
New door panels,
New Shelby bullet mirrors,
All new glass,

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT Eleanor 3.jpg

New Four wheel disc brakes drill and slotted, blue printed and balanced upgraded lifters, cam, headers, New Edelbroke Dual Quad carburetors,
New linkage,
New Fuel pump,
New High volume oil pump,
New Cam and lifters,
New Aluminum water pump,

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback GT Eleanor 4.jpg

New serpentine Aluminum billet Pulleys,
New Champion Aluminum Radiator with electric Fans,
Top-of-the-line flowmaster exhaust


1968 Camaro Pro Touring Pigeon Forge Rod Run

A shiny 1968 Chevrolet Camaro at the 2020 Pigeon Forge Rod Run
Did you miss Scottie?

Well here he is again showing us what he stumbled upon at the 2015 Pigeon Forge Rod Run. It’s one of the coolest Pro Touring built 1968 Chevrolet Camaro. The first thing that catches your eye is surely that absolutely gorgeous paint, custom aluminum framed tail lights and huge open wheels that let you see all the way inside and admire the chassis. The interior is another thing to behold. Center mounted gages, shiny gear knob and steering wheel, all done to perfection. Watch the video to see all the details about this masterpiece.


1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Who Needs A Modern Muscle Car When Something Like This Is For Sale!
This will probably be one of the best 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is one of the finest Mopar pro-tourers that you have ever laid your eyes on. Under that huge hood, lies a real 500 cubic inch monster of an engine. All around wilwood brake system is here to make sure that monster doesn’t bide you when unleashed. All new adjustable QA1 coil over shocks connected to an independent front, along with a four link rear setup make sure you get the driving characteristics of a modern vehicle and will help you stay planted to the road. The power from the monster in the front goes thru a Tremec 5-speed transmission and a stalwart Ford nine inch limited slip rear end before hitting the 18 inch, solid aluminum wheels that are wrapped in modern and very aggressive 245/40 section front and 285/40 section rear BF Goodrich G-Force T/A radial rubber.
For more amazing facts about the modifications watch the video and as a bonus hear this beast roar.


’15 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Vs ’77 455 Trans Am

’15 Dodge Challenger Hellcat Vs ’77 455 Trans Am!


Once again we have one of those “Old VS New” muscle car race, and this time it’s a Hellcat Vs a 1976 Trans Am. Once again we would not dare spoil the fun so we will let you watch it, enjoy it and see how it goes.


NEW 2020 Chevy Chevelle !!

Welcome to our car blog, this time we will be share information about the latest cars is coming chevy brand. The title of a article we take is 2020 chevy chevelle ss – 2020 chevy chevelle super sport – 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport – new cars buy. We will be try discuss details about this car, ranging from: reviews, concept, redesign, rumors, exterior, interior, specs, changes, engine, colors, pictures, release date and also prices. congratulation to read and we hope your enjoy it and then will come back again here.

2020 chevy chevelle ss – 2020 chevy chevelle super sport – 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport – new cars buy – Often the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette forces that performance letter but once more. This coming year represents all the first appearance of the cutting edge severe unit, all the ZR1. And so the Corvette collection increases for you to a number of versions, for sale in the two coupe coupled with convertible car types. Each one has been recently created found on Germany’s famous and in some cases terrifying) Nürburgring To the north Trap and even shows amazing importance in comparison with its own a lot more pricey Western levels of competition, regardless of the ZR1 busting the very $120,000 obstacle. Look for the next good sports vehicle by having an awesome 755 horse power for less than $250,000. The entrance-degree Stingray really has 455 horse power within a light in weight body, which can be a great deal for many individuals. Which in turn 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, these days within its 7th era, even offers the very conduct, is purified, products and even to become a lot greater than a saturday and sunday adventurer.
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