New Custom 1970 Dodge Charger Incoming With 707 Hp Hellcat Engine And Carbon Fiber Body

After years and years of seeing custom Dodge Chargers from the 1970s come to light in various custom forms, you’d think the announcement of a new one would not get us all worked up. Yet here we are, all fuzzy and warm inside at the news of a brand new Finale Speed Charger being in the works.

Finale Speed is a name that needs little introduction in the world of custom cars. Specializing in making carbon fiber Camaros and Chargers, these guys are right there at the top of their segment.

This week we got word of a new 1970 Dodge Charger being planned over there. We’re not told exactly when to expect it, but we do know it will be a “production vehicle available for purchase.” Oh, and we’ve got a wealth of details about it as well.

The car will be built on a Roadster Shop chassis. We’re talking about one of the Fast Track Mopar variety, which means it’s a fully-boxed frame rails piece of hardware, hand-made from 10-gauge steel.

The chassis is backed by Fox shocks with custom valves, and oversized front and rear sway bars made by the same Roadster Shop. In this configuration we should get “the drivability of a modern vehicle combined with the rigidity necessary for track use.” And that means there will be few restrictions as to how to use this particular Charger.

The muscle car will hide under the hood a Hellcat crate engine. Displacing 6.2 liters, it is rated at 707 horsepower in this application. The entire troop will be handled through a Tremec 6-speed manual transmission and sent to the wheels by means of a limited-slip differential.Advertisement

Speaking of wheels, the Charger will be wearing 18-inch Forgeline three-piece hardware, all four of them wrapped in Toyo Proxes tires. Behind them will sit Wilwood disc brakes to ensure the proper stopping power.

We have no info yet on how much this brand-new 1970 Dodge Charger will cost after Finale Speed is done with it. To give you an idea about that, though, we’ll tell you the shop sells turnkey Chargers made pretty much in the same manner for prices that start at $449,000.

That’s insanely expensive, for sure, but given all the technical specs listed above, it might just be worth the effort, at least as far as true fans are concerned.

And on top of that, this new Charger will bring with it a more classic look than we’re used to from Finale Speed builds, if we are to judge by the photos that came with the details (check out the gallery for more on that, but be warned you’re likely not looking at the car that was just announced).

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