The Hemi Cuda that Stops Traffic: Pro Street ’70 Hemi Cuda

The Pro Street 1970 Hemi Cuda is a high-performance variant of the Plymouth Barracuda, a muscle car produced by Plymouth in 1970. The Pro Street version of the Hemi Cuda is heavily modified for drag racing, with a focus on straight-line acceleration and high top speeds. The Hemi Cuda typically features a powerful Hemi engine, a high-performance suspension, wide tires, and custom bodywork.

Some of the key features of a Pro Street 1970 Hemi Cuda include a tubbed rear wheel wells, a large hood scoop, and a custom paint job. The car is known for its massive power, loud exhaust, and aggressive look. However, most of these cars are not street legal and they are mainly built for drag racing and car shows. The 1970 Hemi Cuda is considered as one of the rarest muscle cars of all time.

We think that this pro street Cuda is one of the best looking Plymouth cars we have talked about here, but it seems like this fish is much more than just another slick show car.

This Pro Street Hemi Cuda is a true work of art, featuring stunning bodywork and paint, as well as an impeccable interior that exudes attention to detail. It’s clear that this is a high-end custom-built muscle car that is sure to turn heads at any car show. The massive rear tires, roll cage, and blower only add to the car’s aggressive and powerful appearance, making it a top contender for a trophy at any event.

Only 359 Plymouth 440 ‘Cudas would be built in 1969, of which 66 were Notchback coupes and 292 in Fastback form like this one! Check the video below and enjoy it.

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