Beautiful ’70 SS Chevelle 396 4spd Rotting In A Private Front Yard!!

There are quite a few places in the states where walking into somebody’s front yard unannounced might actually get you in a lot of trouble, or even shot so this is why today, Patrick Nichols is bringing us this amazing 1970 Chevelle SS from a bit of a distance unlike what we are usually used to, in his videos.

Located in western Kentucky, this car has been at this same spot for quite a while, something that is easy to spot even from a distance and it also seems that the owner has been neglecting this vehicle and not treating it as he should when it comes to this kind of classic American Muscle car.

A full range of power accessories was also available, including remote-control side view mirrors, a tilt steering wheel, windshield wipers and even electric trunk shocks. Because there was so much more room on offer in 1970 compared to previous years’ models. It was easy to add all these things without worrying about running out of space at any point during installation.

ll Chevelle SS models featured numerous options such as special paint jobs, custom wheels and tachometers for gauging speed on long trips. Those looking for personalization got their money’s worth when purchasing one of these classic cars!

By the GM factory build sheet, this Chevelle was built with the feisty L78 375-hp engine, Cowl Induction hood, bucket seats, center console, 4-speed transmission and straight-line 4.10 gears.

Patrick has tried to get in touch with the owner, but he has failed so he has to record this video from a distance, in order to bring us this amazing vehicle.

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