This Hemi-Powered Wrecked Race Car Is the Cheapest Plymouth Superbird in the U.S.

Tyler Hoover of Hoovies Garage just got himself arguably the cheapest 1970 Plymouth Superbird in the U.S with a crazy story.

The Plymouth Superbird is an extremely rare find. Only 1,500 went through the assembly line, and according to Hoover, only about 100 factory Hemi Superbirds are surviving. All in all, these classics don’t come cheap, and when they do, it’s probably because they are not packing numbers matching Hemi motors under the hood.

His recently acquired 1970 Superbird in vitamin orange has one hell of a story. Hoover paid $130,000 for this 1970 Plymouth Superbird, a bargain for a rare classic car. It is, however, the most expensive car he has ever bought for the garage – notice the extremes.

Fifteen years ago, Hemi things were racking up to a million dollars in collectors auctions, and suddenly everything crashed during the recession. His recent purchase was resto-moded during the crash and sold at Barret-Jackson in 2010 for $130,000.

In case you are wondering why this rare gem is a restomod, here’s the kicker. This 1970 Plymouth Superbird was once a race car. During a race, it went sideways on a track and got t-boned. The owner put it away for several decades.

On the registry, it’s listed as a partial re-body, which significantly kills its resale value, explaining the insane restomod state it is currently in.

It comes with a roll-cage probably from its racing years with gutted rear seats. It’s relatively stock on the front interior, with a modern stereo, power windows, pistol-grip shifter, heating, and air conditioning. It is cosmetically in excellent condition but comes with a 528 Hemi—clearly not the original motor.

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