Already-Saved 1969 Dodge Dart GTS Needs to Be Saved Again, Full Restoration Required.

If you believe finding a classic Dart GTS to restore is easy, you probably didn’t look up online to see that such models are not only rare but also pretty expensive, even in a very challenging condition.

Someone on eBay says their 1969 Dart GTS is quite a gem, simply because it’s a project car that checks many of the boxes everybody is interested in when planning a full resto.

eBay seller musclemagnets says this GTS was originally saved after finding it on a trailer where it was stored for many years. With the help of a 340 (5.5-liter), the Dart was brought back on the road, so right now, the vehicle is already running and driving properly.

The good news is the rust isn’t at all a problem on this Dodge despite its age and the many years of sitting. The seller guarantees the floors, the trunk, and the frame rails are all clean, so in theory, the restoration process shouldn’t be too difficult.

What makes this GTS even more special is how rare it is in the first place.

The GTS was available for just three model years, beginning with 1967. In its first year on the market, only 457 convertibles and hardtops ended up seeing the daylight, while in 1968, the production was increased to a little over 8,700 units. In 1969, which was the final year for the Dart GTS, the output got close to 6,300 units.

Given all of these, it goes without saying this Dart GTS can’t be cheap. Though, at first glance, the car is actually too expensive, as the online bidding starts at $21,000. Unsurprisingly, nobody has entered the digital fight so far, but given the no-reserve auction is scheduled to come to an end in 6 days, maybe someone is willing to pay the money and give this rare GTS a chance to shine again.

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