A huge collection of classic American muscle cars has been uncovered in Iowa by YouTuber and Hot Rod magazine contributor Patrick Glen Nichols. Unlike most reported barn finds, these cars all have the potential to start and run, too!

Surveying the property, Patrick showcased several big block, high-end collectables from the era of hot pants and permed hair. For starters, two L78 1970 Chevrolet Novas, a 1976 Ford Gran Torino wearing Starksy & Hutch livery, a 1970 Chevelle SS and 1971 ‘Heavy Chevy’ reside in the main garage.

Of all the Chevrolet Chevelles built, only 500 are reported to have been installed with the larger ‘big block’ V8 – in either 6.6-litre, 7.0-litre or 7.4-litre guise – and this very car was the reason that the current owner of these vehicles lost his licence. It’s quite fast…

Not only are lashing of pure-bred American muscle residing on the premises, but rare and soughtafter mechanical parts are also peppered across the property. One shelf alone is stacked with a dozen 621 bellhousings, whereas an entire rack is dedicated to Muncie four-speed transmission casings. Patrick reckons more than 500 Muncie transmissions are on site.

Wheels, alternators and bodyshells rest in further barns, alongside discarded V8 engines and restored small blocks. Round the back of the estate is where the rusty stuff dwells – chassis outriggers, body panels and frames languishing in the long grasses.

These parts may seem worthless to those outwith the American classic scene, but as donor vehicles these things are priceless. There is a reason why they have been kept back, rather than scrapped.

Alongside various 1960s and 1970s GMC trucks, Ford F150s and vintage pick-ups, the barns also house several 1976 Chevrolet Malibus, Supersport Cameros, SS350s, 1969 El Caminos, ’71 Monte Carlos and countless Fords. Strangely, there doesn’t appear to be a single Mustang in the collection, but then we haven’t seen everything yet.

Reported on YouTube, Patrick’s first video focuses on only a small number of what’s been found, leading us to believe there’s dozens yet to enjoy time in front of the lens. Part two of his video exploration can be found here:

Although nothing has been confirmed as of yet, some vehicles may be up for sale – with rumours that the entire lot could soon be up for auction. We’ll have to wait and see…

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