Moving the 596HP 408 Stroker – Open Headers – CUDA [VIDEO]

After reading comments on last weeks walk around of the 1974 Plymouth Cuda, I decided to dig through the Ric0000 archives and find the original data file for when we made the promo years ago. I pieced this together quick, cut out the moving the camera around and left in what I had of the car running. I hope you enjoy!

There are too many mods to list here, but to give just a taste of what this car has for goodies: it is running a 408 stroker 360 engine, feed by a 850 Demon carburetor, INDY Heads and a fiberglass front end. This engine was put on the dyno a few years back and hit 596 hp at the crank.

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Hint: That insane engine…’s staying with Joe…….

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