A 1966 Pontiac GTO 389 V8 Was Discovered In A Backyard Garage That Had Been Abandoned For More Than 20 Years

In 1966, the same year that the vehicles received their first design update, Pontiac made the GTO a series model due to its enormous popularity.

When Pontiac released its Tempest/LeMans-based GTO in 1964, it set the bar for mid-size muscle cars to come.

The GTO easily tripled the 20,000 automobile market that was anticipated each year.

This 1966 model was hidden in a barn for 20 years until the owner found it.

Even though the engine is a replacement, the remainder of the vehicle appears to be original and is in good condition given its exile.

Prior to the 1968 launch of the second generation, the vehicles would be equipped with stacked headlights for the following two years.

Production of the GTO would approach 97,000 units. The street racers had a 389 cubic inch V8, but this one has a 400 CI engine from the year after that, when the displacement was modified.

The car appears to have escaped the effects of time and nature that you may have anticipated.

Although the owner claims there is no corrosion, the original paint is peeling in a few spots, and the passenger-side rear quarter panel has a ding.

Along with the engine change, an automatic transmission has taken the place of the 4-speed transmission.

Instead of being replaced by the less common broader brake pedal, the smaller brake pedal from the manual is still intact.

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