1 of 5 Extremely Rare 1971 Plymouth Barracudas With 383 Horsepower Have Been Found

Without even gleaming as brilliantly as a diamond, the 1971 Barracuda that we have here is a collector’s dream.

What’s going on inside the car is what matters most. Due to the fact that only five of the 383-horsepower engines were built for the 1971 model year, the engine powering this Barracuda is incredibly uncommon.

A total of three different V8 engines, including the regular 318 (5.2 liters) and the 383 (6.2 liters) in either two-barrel or four-barrel configurations, were officially offered with the Barracuda in 1970 and 1971.

The Super Commando 440 (7.2-liter) four-barrel, the Super Command Six Pack 440, and the 426 (6.9-liter) HEMI are available as options for the Cuda, which can be equipped as standard with the 383 with 335 horsepower.

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