1970 Dodge Challenger Is a Plum Cr.azy M0nster / Flexes Big-Bl0ck for Days…

A 1970 Challenger with all the above plus a no-reserve auction.

That’s exactly the case of the Challenger you see here. The car is being sold at no reserve on eBay, so at the end of the auction, the highest bidder can take it home. There’s no Buy It Now price, so whoever sends the highest offer becomes the new owner of the car.

Aesthetically speaking, it’s hard to find something not to like on this Challenger. With one respray since new, it’s pretty clear the car looks impressive, no matter the angle. There is obviously no rust, so the floors and the trunk are supposed to be spotless.

When it comes to the engine, what you’ll find under the hood is the original 383 big-block which not only starts and runs properly but also sounds great. Watching the video embedded below is a must if you’re interested in this Challenger.

Worth knowing is that the original carburetor has been replaced with an Edelbrock unit, but on the other hand, it’s still in the trunk if what you’re aiming for is an all-original Dodge. However, no further information has been provided by seller layuk-85 regarding other parts that might no longer be original.

It goes without saying that everything works exactly as you’d expect them to work, so if what you’re seeking isn’t just a showstopper but also a daily driver, this Challenger is fully prepared to deliver.

As you’d expect, the battle for the car is kind of fierce, and at the time of writing, the auction has already received more than 40 bids. The top offer is $31,100, but given the auction is scheduled to end in about 2 days and a half, expect the price to go up significantly in the remaining hours. 

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