2021 Crazy Drag Racing Wrecks, Saves, Wheelies and more!!!


Check this, 2021 Crazy Drag Racing Wrecks, Saves, Wheelies and more!!!

As we have mentioned before, 2021 was a great year for drag racing with many of the events that were canceled last year being held in the past one cramming in more races that we can watch.

Out of this great year comes some great footage understandably and this time we bring you the hottest part of the entire year. A compilation of one of the craziest, bumpiest rides that racer made in 2021 all over the place, the track the streets, everywhere.

To prove that it is worth your time we will tell you about the first race that you get to see on this video, a race where a Vega crashes into the pylon protecting the Christmas tree making it look like he crashed before he even left the starting line, one of the shortest runs we have ever seen in drag racing due to a crash.

As you are about to see in the video around the four-minute mark, there are still plenty of venues that need to improve their safety by a huge margin because having spectators all the way to the finish line might be great for business but not for safety. Luckily apart from the few bruises that the driver got, nobody was injured in this terrible high-speed incident.

Luckily this compilation is not made out of crashes only so there will be plenty of wheelies to watch with guys staying on the throttle as long as they can while starring at nothing but the sky trying to get a feel which way the car is headed at the moment.

So check out this video filled with the greatest saves crashes wheelies and plenty of other wild rides that these guys managed to put together for us and enjoy the best moments of 2021 according to the dragordietv YouTube Channel.

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