Daddy Dave’s daughter vs Murder Nova’s Son and others!!!

Check this, Daddy Dave’s daughter vs Murder Nova’s Son and others!!!

Today we have the youngsters being the starts instead of their parents, or maybe it was, take your kids to work day, whatever it was, we are liking what we see.
We all know that up to a certain point, kids want to be like their parents and do what their parents are doing for work.
So after spending their life near race cars and at the track, there is no doubt that many of these kids will be glad to take over for their parents and get behind the wheel of a fast car trying to beat the guy in the next lane.

This time, we start with somebody they know in the lane next to them so we have Daddy Dave’s daughter, racing Murder Nova’s son lining up for a drag race, just like their parents have done over and over again.
To try and get to the finish line faster than the girl in the next lane, Shawn’s son has a small block with a shot of nitrous at his disposal, while the girl in the next lane is driving a twin-turbo LS so he has his work cut out for him and he needs to be on that tree for any chance of success.
It is really cool to watch these parents line up their kids in the groove, while they are well aware of the dangers that motorsport presents, however, it will give them a different perspective as to realize what their family is going thru every time they are seated in their race cars.

These second-generation racers remind us that the future is bright for this sport and as soon as these guys start to retire, there will be plenty of youngsters to grab their spot in the race car.
So check out these great races and tell us who’s your favorite? Because of the problem loading the video, click HERE!!!

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