Father vs Son on The Drag Strip and It’s Amazing!

Father vs Son on The Drag Strip and It’s Amazing!

We have all heard the idiom: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and we all have examples of how this is true in real life, and it might be a cliché and all, but we wanted to show you another one as well.

When the father is somebody that builds cars, and cant wait for the weekend so he can take them to the drag strip and race them, then chances are that his son is not going to stray far, and will probably end up at the track himself, waiting for the lights to turn green so he can bury the “go” pedal and fly towards the finish line.

Father Vs. Son In Hypercar Race Between LaFerrari And 918 Spyder

It was only a matter of time when this family will end up parked right next to each other staring at the same Christmas tree waiting for that green light to turn on.

We will not spoil the video and tell you who won but we will tell you that they are only 4 hundreds of a second apart in what is probably the closest race between family members.

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