No Car Should Be THIS LOUD – 1964 Impala Powered by a Real Beast of a 540 ci HEMI

Before you get into the video we have to warn you about something: this is one of the meanest Impalas out there, and just in case there are some of you that don’t recognize it, they call it The Gudfar.

The Gudfar means the godfather in Norwegian and we think it totally suits it, because this might be the Godfather of all the tuned Impalas out there.

This 1964 Impala monster is powered by a real beast of a 540 ci HEMI that has a huge Whipple supercharger bolted on to it, which helps thrust this 4,000lb car down the track towards the finish line.

Check out the shared video of this breathtaking loud Impala, that might be actually powerful enough to damage your audio equipment, so tell us have you actually heard something this loud live and would you dare to stand next to it when it launches off the line?

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