Ford Mustang “Tower of Power” Digitally Gets Twin Superchargers – Rad Wheelie Bar…

Take a first-generation Mustang and convert it into a drag strip animal, albeit one that can still keep its license plates—this is a game quarter-mile addicts have been playing, well, since the pony was born back in the 1960s. However, the build portrayed in this rendering stands out, and it does so starting with the model it uses as a basis.

Back in 1964, when Ford introduced the Mustang, the Blue Oval wrapped the basic underpinnings of the Falcon in a package that would appeal to the buyers seeking a sporty lifestyle. And while the pony became an instant hit, it wasn’t prepared to take big-bl0ck muscle, which is why it received multiple facelifts that made the thing larger, so it accommodates meatier V8s.

At the other end of the suck-squeeze-bang-blog cycle, we find the side exhaust that shoots out from under the vehicle while that part of the pony is loaded with tech goodies. You see, all that power needs to be put down, which is why this Ford sports a beefy rear end, a pair of beadlock wheels holding massive Goodyear rear tires in place, and, of course, the kind of wheelie bar that can put on a show by themselves.

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