Chevrolet Corvette (C2) – Stanced Stingray

Corvette purists look away, as this may just be the sickest looking bit of sacrilege out there. Don’t worry though, this is just a fictional rendering, albeit a super high-quality one that explores what would happen if a C2 was given the “Oni Kyan” treatment.

With a classic C2 not having been made un-drivable, it’s a lot easier to appreciate just how cool this looks though. Done by artist BradBuilds, this C2 rendering gives the gorgeous ‘Vette the extreme Japanese style of stance known as “Oni Kyan” – meaning “Demon Camber,” with the wheels cambered at an extreme angle and tucked below the fenders. While yes, it would be a shame to do this to a real C2, as a piece of art it looks downright sick, with the crisp flowing lines of the car looking absolutely wild sitting this low.

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