Classic Cruiser: Two-Owner 1958 Cadillac Sixty-Two Coupe

This 1958 Cadillac Sixty-Two Coupe, one of 18,736 produced, was purchased new in Edmonton, Alberta, and is only now on its second owner. This Series 62 is reported by the seller to be in driver condition and to have had some bodywork performed, but its interior—save for new carpeting—is believed to be original, right down to its floor mats. It has already had a measure of mechanical work, including a rebuilt front end and new brakes. This hardtop coupe is believed to have been repainted, possibly more than once.


All Cadillacs produced in 1958 used the manufacturer’s OHV V-8. The engine in the Series 62 models had a compression ratio of 10.25:1, was fed by a Carter AFB four-barrel carburetor and rated at 310 horsepower. The engine in this Series 62 hardtop is believed to be original to the car. The seller, who has owned the car for several years, was told it had been rebuilt, but no other details are provided. The seller says an electric fuel pump has been added to the fuel tank. Under the seller’s ownership, the carburetor has been rebuilt, and the radiator and fuel tank flushed. The engine does not smoke on initial startup, but the engine does use oil and smoke while running, leading the seller to believe the piston rings may need replacement. The Hydra-Matic four-speed automatic transmission is said to shift properly. The engine bay is stock; soiling and mild corrosion are visible in some locations.


The seller says this Cadillac’s original owners had an auto body technician as a relative, and the seller believes it has been repainted at least once, with at least some level of body work performed. The paint shows some chips and uneven application of clearcoat over the base color. The seller reports evidence of body filler, and said the car’s original owners told him that any rust was remedied by welding in replacement sheet metal. The seller is not aware of any current rust, and adds that the frame appears to be solid. No dents are reported. The chrome trim and bumpers appear to be in good, unrestored condition, although one piece of trim is missing from the passenger-side front fender. The seller reports one small chip in the windshield. All of the exterior lighting is said to be functional. The car’s underside shows the expected level of surface corrosion and fluid drips.


According to the seller, the seat and other interior upholstery are entirely original, with the only aftermarket interior fabric being the carpeting. The leather surfaces have some fading and yellowing due to age, but the material shows no tears or indications of excessive wear. The headliner is said to be in excellent condition other than an imperfection near the rear window. The dashboard presents as being in very good unrestored condition, with no missing trim or small controls. Neither the windshield wipers nor the fuel gauge are said to currently work properly. The factory AM radio remains functional, as do the power window lifts. There is no air conditioning, but the heater works. The trunk matting is stained in numerous spots, with the car’s original jacking instructions duct-taped in place.

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