1966 Ford Mustero – The Ford Mustang Pickup

55 years ago, Ford took the motoring world by storm when it introduced a muscle car for the masses – the Mustang.

1966 Ford Mustero - The Ford Mustang Pickup - ThrottleXtreme

The massive success of the Mustang had Ford exploring other possible iterations of the Mustang; including a four-door Mustang and a wagon roof two-door Mustang, both of which were never produced by Ford.

1966 Ford Mustero - The Ford Mustang Pickup - ThrottleXtreme

Passage created two-seater Mustang as well, shockingly just as a model. Phenomenally, one of these two-seater models endure. (click for more information on the off chance that you are intrigued)

Two years after presentation a get variant was created. In 1966 with Ford’s favoring, Beverly Hills Ford, a Los Angeles region vehicle sales center delivered a little run of Mustang pickups.

Beverly Hills Ford called these Mustangs “Mustero”, the blend of the words Mustang and Ranchero. The 1966 Ford Ranchero was a pickup based on the Ford Fairlane stage that had Ford Falcon outside body boards and inside trim. From the taxi back it was all the more firmly identified with the Fairlane. Ford used the Fairlane stage because of it being a sturdier unibody structure than the Falcon. Beverly Hills Ford didn’t follow the regular course with a Mustero which would have been adding a square shaped pickup truck bed to the Mustang, much the same as the one found on the Ranchero.

1964-1/2 Ford Mustang III "Shorty" Factory Prototype - YouTube

Only 50 Musteros were produced for 1966. The Mustero conversion package added a hefty $4,000 to the Mustangs price which brought the Musteros total base delivery price to a little over $6,500. As a comparison, you could buy a Falcon Ranchero with a 289 V8 for $2,200 and a 427 Shelby Cobra could be purchased for around $7,000.

If you want one today, be prepared to shell out some serious dollars for a mint conditioned example.

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