Here we have a superb Impala SS convertible that is pleasantly optioned with power guiding, power brakes, ComforTilt adaptive directing haggle ground-breaking 396 cubic inch motor.

Introduced in Artesian Turquoise and coordinating inside, this must be one of our #1 shading blends and mirrors the mid sixties impeccably.

Remotely the ’66 Impalas hadn’t changed much from the earlier year with only a couple minor styling changes. The most clear was the rectangular taillights that supplanted the round focal points of earlier years.

1966 Chevrolet Impala SS 396

Inside, the SS models accompanied all-vinyl pail seats, focus floor comfort and SS identifications. While the outside hadn’t changed excessively, insides had changed a considerable amount from the earlier year. Gone were the cumbersome Corvair based container seats with new “Strato” seats in their place. This turquoise inside is one of six shadings accessible for 1966.

Bucket seat all-vinyl interior of a 1966 Chevy Impala SS

The standard V8 for the Impala was a 283 cubic inch power plant that outpot 195 torque. Anyway this vehicle was bought with a 396 cubic inch V8 that yields 325 pull. It is matched with a Turbo-Hydramatic programmed transmission – a blend that would have cost the first proprietor $519 on the price tag.

1966 Chevy 396 V8

The SS Convertible was the most costly Impala for the 1966 model year with costs beginning at $3,093. Chevrolet sold 119,300 Impala SS vehicles in spite of the fact that there is no figure breakdown between the Sport Coupe and Convertible.

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