Oldsmobiles were redesigned for the 1957 model year giving a wider stance and much lower look. It was a look that had also ignored fins that were appearing on just about every other car of the period. They also had more powerful engines and a power package (the J-2) was available – which is exactly what’s fitted to this 1957 Oldsmobile Starfire Ninety-Eight Holiday Hardtop Sedan in Banff Blue that has done under 52,000 miles in its life.

The Starfire name was used for Oldsmobile’s Ninety-Eight Convertibles from 1954-1956. For 1957 it was used as a prefix for all models in the Ninety-Eight series.  For some reason this was a one-year only affair and in 1958 they were back to plain “Ninety-Eight” once more.

A three-piece, twin-strut rear window had made a reappearance. The oval taillights hide the gas filler and the dual exhausts exit through the rear bumper.

Rear view of a 1957 Oldsmobile Starfire 98 Holiday

With a wheelbase of 126″ the Starfire 98 is 216.7″ long and 76.4″ wide.

side view of a 57 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight 4-door Holiday hardtop

Engines were bigger this year with the introduction of a 371 cubic inch T-400 Rocket V8.  In addition this car has the J-2 power package with 3 x 2-barrel carburetors producing 300 horsepower. Under normal driving only the center carburetor operates. This is paired with a 4-speed ‘Jetaway’ automatic transmission.

1957 Oldsmobile J-2 Rocket V8 engine

Lavish blue cloth interior with Custom-Lounge Cushions is perfectly matched with the door panels.

1957 Oldsmobile interior in blue

The optional Deluxe radio offers powerful six-tube full-fidelity reception. The front speaker is centrally located at the base of the windshield, which acts as a sound reflector!

The Ninety-Eight was top-of-the-line for Oldsmobile and enjoyed standard features such as: an automatic transmission, power brakes and power steering.

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