Licensed Eleanor Tribute Headed To Mecum Auction

In terms of performance, Ford has truly made waves with the latest iterations of the Mustang, especially the hardcore GT350 and GT500 Shelby variants. But there’s still something about the original Shelby Mustangs that clearly captivates gearheads, as proven by the recent auction of Ken Miles’ famous prototype racecar that fetched $3.85 million in July 2020. Ford Mustang and Shelby Mustang owners must be loving all these headlines, hoping that their cars are now creeping up further in value, which translates to the expectation that even more awesome examples will probably hit the market soon. And now, Mecum Auctions has followed up on the “Flying Mustang” with the listing of a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback that’s received an extensive restoration to transform it into a licensed tribute of the famous “Eleanor” movie car from the Nicolas Cage remake of Gone in 60 Seconds.

Eleanor might very well be the second-most famous movie Mustang of all time, following Steve McQueen’s green car in Bullitt, which had previously held the world record for most valuable auction before Ken Miles’ car shot into the stratosphere. While this Eleanor recreation likely won’t get anywhere near the level of those two Mustangs, it looks certain to command some serious dough thanks to a frame-off build that cost an estimated $200,000.

Of course, fans of the Nicolas Cage film will remember the famous “Go Baby Go” button that activates a NOS system to help him blast away from a helicopter in the Los Angeles River’s concrete channel. This car does feature a nitrous system, to go along with a 427ci V8 and a five-speed stick shift. The interior and body kit were both built by Mustangs To Fear, while coilovers come courtesy of Rod and Custom, with a Heidts four-link setup at the rear. Wilwood braking all around will help slow Eleanor down, even if bidding is likely to be fast and furious.

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