1968 Shelby GT500 With Dealer-Installed 427 Side-Oiler Arrives At BaT

Ford’s modern crop of Shelby-badged Mustangs sure are impressive, as the GT500 stands at the pinnacle of Ford performance with the most horsepower ever offered by a roadgoing Blue Oval product and the GT350 offers track-specific features to make it a serious contender on the tarmac. But as great as the Ford Mustang’s sixth generation has proven itself to be, it’s hard to argue that the first gen still reigns supreme as the best ever. Proof now comes in the form of an incredible 1968 Shelby Mustang GT500 that just went live on the auction website Bring a Trailer complete with a dealer-installed 427ci side-oiler V8 under the hood.

As the seller has pointed out in comments, this car was no garage queen—apparently, “Mother loved classic cars. She drove this to shows.” And this Shelby deserved to be driven, having originally served as a floor display model at Paul’s Ford Sales of Kansas City, Missouri, where it received the side-oiler engine install before being sold in March 1969. Extensive ownership documentation accompanies this Shelby Mustang, while potential detriments to the final gavel price could be a repaint in Acapulco Blue with white stripes—a classic look but the original color was Highland Green like the Bullitt car.

Regardless, this car looks poised to draw in plenty of money. Cobra details abound, from the engine bay to the branded floor mats, while Carroll Shelby’s signature has adorned the dashboard since 1993. Air conditioning was optioned from the factory, though it is not currently functioning. A C6 automatic gearbox with three forward speeds is another unfortunate feature, though for elderly bidders who want to avoid using a clutch pedal and stick shift, perhaps the setup remains ideal. Bidding currently sits at $52,000 with six days left on the auction.

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