O1-Of-325 Pontiac GTO Judge Stick Shift Pops Up For Sale

This GTO Judge left the factory equipped with a 400 Ram Air IV paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox, making it one of only 325 built to this spec.

The automotive industry as a whole may have taken a hit due to shutdowns and slowdowns amid fears of a global coronavirus pandemic, but the collectible and secondhand marketplace seems, if anything, to be only growing in size and scope. With in-person events like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance canceled, collectors have turned to online formats to get their auction fix, leading an amazing selection of vehicles to emerge from the woodworks for sale. Case in point comes in the form of a new listing from Barrett-Jackson that’s sure to attract serious attention and serious bidding, a classic 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge with a very specific and highly desirable build sheet.

This GTO Judge left the factory equipped with a 400ci Ram Air IV V8 paired to a four-speed manual gearbox, making it one of only 325 built in the same specification for the 1970 model year. With just 64,198 miles on the clock since the day it rolled off the assembly line, the engine also sounds to have benefited from a couple of upgrades including a polished Gardner exhaust system. That transmission is a Muncie unit with close-ratio gearing that sends 370 horsepower to the rear wheels through a Safe-T-Track heavy duty differential equipped with 3.90 gearing.

In a set of admittedly shoddy photos, this Judge still shines with a bright-red interior featuring bucket seats, a thick-rimmed Formula steering wheel, and an iconic Hurst T-grip shifter. Other features include a set of Rally gauges, while the gas tank and other underbody components look to have received a polish prior to sale. The car is currently listed with a reserve in place and has moved to Fort Myers, Florida, after spending most of its life in Brigham, Utah, where it was sold new at Victor Motors.

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