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An Original 1969 PLYMOUTH ROAD RUNNER Commercial, Featuring WILE E. COYOTE!

We believe that most of the stans of the Mopar know very well where did the legendary Plymouth Road Runner muscle beauty got its name from, it’s true yes?

That also means that you know the legendary Warner Bros cartoon characters, Wile E. Coyote, super-genius, and his everlasting prey, the utterly fast RoadRunner bird, that cannot be caught by him, no matter what kind of a genius and super-fast machine he will invent.

So it’s a perfect name for Plymouth`s new ride, back in 1968, wouldn’t you agree? That’s how the Road Runner commercial was born!

We believe that we don’t have to get into many details now to stress the fact that the Plymouth RoadRunner is one definitely the most epic and memorable muscle cars from the golden era of the American muscle car production, between the late 60s and early 70s.

We had seen many videos, written numerous articles about it, I think that even if you are not a big time Mopar fan, you for sure have heard a lot about it.

But for all the true stans of the true Plymouth Road Runner aficionados, today we have prepared a video clip for you that will take you back in the days, when the 1969 Plymouth Road Runner got out, by watching an original commercial about it from that period.

Of course, it features Wile E. Coyote.

The character created by the world-famous Chuck Jones for Warner Bros was the absolute star back in the days!

The Road Runner commercial turned out to be a huge hit as sales went on like crazy.

So check the video out and have fun watching this vintage ad about one of the best American muscle cars ever built.


1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 Candy Apple Red For Sale

This highly coveted and collectible 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429 finished in Candy Apple Red is sittin’ pretty atop the muscle car food chain.


1967 Shelby GT350 Fastback For Sale

1967 Shelby GT350 Fastback For Sale for sale at the Mecum Auctions Indianapolis,Jun 23, 2020 to Jun 28, 2020

Serial number 0002
Very early production car with red marker lights in the side scoops, inboard fog lights, steel reinforced fiberglass hood
Completed on October 20, 1966
Shipped to Koons Ford in Falls Church, Virginia on October 31, 1966
Sent to the Atlanta Auto Show and used as a company car
289/306 HP V-8 engine
Factory 4-speed transmission
Power steering and brakes
AM radio, Stewart Warner under-dash gauges
Kelsey Hayes Magstar wheels
Goodyear Speedway E70-15 tires
Dark Moss Green with Black interior
Extensive restoration by world renowned restorer John Brown of Thoroughbred Restorations
in Oklahoma City
Copy of the Shelby vehicle invoice
Known ownership history available in the Shelby Registry


2020 Ford Mustang SHELBY GT500 Carbon Track Pack For Sale

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Carbon Track Pack for sale on ebay Price:US $139,999

Engine, Transmission, and Performance
The Shelby GT500’s single powertrain—a 760-hp supercharged 5.2-liter V-8 that revs to 7500 rpm with a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic—is engineered for speed but trying to put the engine’s full might through only the rear tires means this Shelby isn’t as quick as you might expect. We anticipate the GT500 will be good for a 3.5-second rip to 60 mph and an 11.0-second quarter-mile once we run one through our testing protocol.


Here’s Why The 1970 Plymouth Superbird Is So Expensive

During the late 1960s and early 70s, Chrysler’s muscle cars were some of the best on the road. As the owners of Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth, they were responsible for legendary cars like the Barracuda, the Charger and the Challenger. In those days, consumers wanted more and more power, and automotive giants like General Motors and Chrysler were always finding new ways to outdo one another.

In 1970, Plymouth modified the design of the Road Runner, a cheap but powerful mid-size car, and turned it into one of the fastest and most aerodynamic cars of its time, the Plymouth Superbird. Chrysler’s engineers added a nearly two-foot-tall rear spoiler and a smooth wedge-like nose. These improvements allowed the Superbird and its cousin the Dodge Charger Daytona, to achieve speeds that were up until that point impossible. In 1970, the Plymouth sold 1920 Superbirds for around $4300 each. Today, they can easily fetch $200,000. So how does a relatively cheap and relatively unpopular muscle car become so expensive? Part of the answer is in their significance in automotive history.


Neighbor opens his door, sees toddler who’s been missing for 2 days has been protected by a pit bull

I can’t imagine what a parent goes through when their child goes missing. It’s every parent’s worse nightmare as all kinds of scenario must play out in their head, all the while having no answers.

When two-year-old girl Charlee Campbell disappeared from her grandmother’s home, everybody was frantically searching the Kentucky countryside. As day turned to night the situation soon became very worrying.

It was a warm June day in 2018 when Charlee’s grandmother found the toddler missing along with her best friend and family dog pit bull Penny.

Despite emergency crews and 100 volunteers searching the area, Charlee was still missing 36 hours later.

Neighbor Wayne Brown was in his home praying that little Charlee would be found safe, when he spotted something in the corner of his eye.

Could this flash of blonde be missing Charlee?

Charlee Campbell, who was known to her family as “Mo”, had been asleep when her grandfather left for work early that morning but just a few hours later her grandmother woke to find her missing.

It was then that the girl’s grandmother, Beth Campbell, saw that the front door was open

Charlee and her dog, Penny, were both missing without a trace.

Police officers, firefighters and sniffer dogs were drafted in to start the search, which included a large wooded area near to Charlee’s home.

Over 100 volunteers also joined the search, but almost two days passed and still there was no trace of Charlee or Penny.

The whole area was covered in posters and pictures of Charlee, who was last seen wearing blue “Frozen” pajamas.

Everyone in the small community was helping in the hunt for the missing girl, which had captured not only the attention of local media but national too.