Ram Air IV GTO Vs Chevelle SS 454 LS6 1/4 Mile Drag Race!

Check this race, Ram Air IV GTO vs Chevelle SS 454 LS6 1/4 mile Drag Race!

Many of our fans think that American Muscle cars are the most awesome automobiles in the world and the classic ones are a just a treat that deserves nothing but respect, and on this note, we have to admit that we agree with them.

So for them, and for us, today we bring you a special treat in a form of a video of two very rare American classic cars, a 1969 Ram Air IV GTO and a 1970 LS6 SS454 Chevelle. Both of these machines are in a great shape and both of them look as awesome as the first day they rolled off the production line and onto the dealership showroom floor.

On paper the SS has this drag race in the bag with a 80 horsepower advantage but will the GTO be able to mess this “sure thing” up for the SS with the help of its 400 cubic inch Ram Air engine?

Well play the video and find out.

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