We were convinced that the 2019 Pontiac GTO Judge 69 (6T9) was only a rumor, but we were mistaken.

As a matter of fact, even though the manufacturer has not confirmed clearly that this car is planned to be on the market soon, there are so many rumors about it going around that we simply have to believe that it is highly possible to come true.

At first we must say that the Pontiac is dead actually, so do not be fooled by the name. The reason why the manufacturer put it in the name is obviously to get the attention of new and old fans of this very popular model from the 60’s when the first Pontiac was released.


The official site shows dark grey leathered sporty but comfortable seats tapered with red thread in a possible version of 2019 Pontiac GTO Judge 69 (6T9).

Together with that is also the visible spaced cabin for four passengers and logos on floor and seats of the manufacturer.


To be more attractive, but also to keep the old buyers, the manufacturer chose a combination of vintage and modern design in the 2019 Pontiac GTO Judge 69 (6T9). So, we were able to see a recognizable sharpen front end with mesh grille separated on two and classic front lights and optional decoration over them.

The rear end is also classic, with modernized rear lights and thin spoiler glued to the truck door. The car on site is made as a convertible version, but there are chances that buyers will be able to change it when ordering.


There are high chances that the engine in the 2019 Pontiac 69 GTO Judge (6T9) will be stronger than the 6.2-liter V8 which is the engine size of many sporty cars nowadays. Some rumors predict it will be even stronger than that, meaning a 7.4-liter V8 with at least 840 horsepower. If a manufacturer really wants to reach the stars with this car, this engine is highly needed.

We don’t have any information if 2019 Pontiac 69 GTO Judge (6T9) will be made in limited edition or not, but knowing that there are models like Camaro Trans Am that has been made only 7 units as well as if the manufacturer will offer only custom versions, which means that you will be able to make your own model on your own.

It is highly possible that something like that, according to the official site.

Whatever it is, the price of the car will be higher than $115,000 which is also hard to predict for custom versions.

But, being honest, this is a car for collectors and fans which have money to make Judges just like they want.



Finally, after much searching, we have found a dream home for the true petrolhead. Located in Tappen, British Columbia this property is set across five acres of land and includes a two-bedroom mobile home, 900 square-feet restoration workshop, 1,200 square-feet steel building and over 340 vintage cars.

Yes, you read that correctly; included as part of the deal is a collection of over 340 vintage cars.

The current owner has decided to retire wanting a more simple life. So, his car salvage business and the hundreds of classic cars that sit on the surrounding land must go in what has to be the greatest automotive fire sale of recent times.

This vast collection consists of mostly two-door vintage cars including an ultra rare 1966 Pontiac Beaumont, and a 1927 Ford Model T truck. Elsewhere, scattered throughout the five acres of land is the who’s who of American muscle cars of various eras including a cluster of Dodge Demon’s, Challenger’s, and Plymouth Roadrunners to name just a few.

Hiding among the staggering amount of American cars though is the sole European representative in the form of a slightly unloved looking BMW E21.

The one slight downside of acquiring this considerable collection – every single one of the cars is in dire need of restoration work.

Assuming that most of them were junked for a reason in the first place, all have been left outside to the harsh elements of many B.C. winters, meaning all are in need of significant restoration work before seeing the road again.

The listing states that the property is “perfect for vintage auto enthusiast who loves to work and live in beautiful area.”

Finally we get onto the important talk of money, if you want this five-acres of vintage cars, it can be yours for a cool CA$1.45 million, which sounds like a bargain to us.

In the market for a five-acre car collection and have a lot of time on your hands? The listing can be found HERE.




Cruisin’ Classics is proud to present to you the ultimate summer hot rod.

This 1972 LeMans is sporting it’s original NUMBERS MATCHING 350 engine, with ice cold air conditioning cooling that bucket seat interior and even a power top to top it all off. Slick red paint sure makes this an eye catcher to any passer-by.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the details.


Amazing 1969 Chevy Chevelle (VIDEO)

In this video I give a full tour of Custom 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle showing the exterior, engine, and interior. (468 Big Block, Gear Vendor Overdrive, Turbo 350 Transmission, Baer Brakes) Hello my friends and welcome to Automotive Review Channel where I post my car reviews, overviews, or just walk – around tours of interesting automotive finds. On my channel you will see everything from classic cars to brand new, exotic to mainstream. I am constantly updating material and there is a lot more to come. You are welcome to share your opinion in the comments below. Visit my channel to find something interesting for yourself; subscribe and enjoy what’s coming up. Thanks for watching.


2020 GT500 Supercharged 5.2L Predator – Video Sound On

Tyler Scofield (Owner) says: It’s stock but has cat delete race pipes from lethal and a costal dyno tune locally in florida! 2020 GT500 supercharged 5.2 predator, grabber lime, black leather, base model with handling package, extra pieces on front splitter and rear wing flap!

2020 GT500 Supercharged 5.2 Predator 3.jpg
2020 GT500 Supercharged 5.2 Predator 4.jpg
2020 GT500 Supercharged 5.2 Predator 12.jpg
2020 GT500 Supercharged 5.2 Predator 5.jpg


One thing that is not lacking these days are modified muscle cars, that have become a hybrid between new parts and old ones so when we found something like this amazing Hot Pro Touring 1969 Charger we just had to show it to all of you car lovers.
And what a thing to be see, this Charger is the real deal, from the astonishing interior restored with perfect materials and perfect craftsmanship to the incredibly shining black color that dons the exterior and accents those Forgeline wheels that make a perfect blend between the shining chrome and the matte finish. That huge hood with heat extractors hides a real beast of an engine in the form of a 512-big block which uses the help of Holley carbs and a Edelbrock intake to produce about 700 horsepower and then send them to a five speed Tremec transmission on their way to the back wheels.
Play the video to check out all the amazing details and as a real treat, to hear that throbbing big block.


Dodge Charger BARN FIND First Start Up In YEARS!!

While the legendary era in American muscle car has ended many years ago, (no offense to the current muscle cars, their time is yet to come) a huge number of them is still popping out of barns all over America, and some of them have a lot to give to the drivers.
Once again, a true legend wakes up from the slumber and it’s a good day for everyone apparently, the owner is more than happy to hear the beast that has been hibernating for many years but in all fairness the car does sound and look like it needs some time before it is brought to mint condition.
Nevertheless, it is still a great project car, and many of the comments on the video are suggesting it can be sold in a blink of an eye.
Check out the video of another great muscle car waiting its turn to get restored to its glory days.


1962 Impala SS 409 “Black Diamond” Pigeon Forge Rod Run!

One of the biggest fans of classic cars, Scottie from the famous YouTube Channel ScottieDTV, is at Pigeon Forge Rod Run, and guess what he stumbles upon, a clean looking 1962 Impala SS 409 named “Black Diamond” which won’t let us take our eyes off of her.
This classic car looks amazing and is probably one of the prettiest Impalas we have ever seen. This is one of those cars that will remind any car lover why the classics are so important and so sought after, in case he forgot, I mean they apparently don’t make them like they used to, there is no car in production these days that we think will be as pretty as this one is today, in 60 years or so.
This perfect stance black diamond is covered in an amazing black paint that just won’t let you look away, we could literally stare at this car for hours and not be bored.
Play the video to see the amazing details of this astonishing classic car, and soak in all that praise Scotti has to offer about this magnificent automobile.


Go For a Ride in a Real 426 Hemi 1969 Dodge Daytona Charger!

We have presented you with a share of amazingly rare cars, and some insanely well preserved classic muscle cars, but today we believe we have found one of the most amazing vehicles ever, a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi, there was just a few vehicles that got to be powered by a Hemi engine back in the day and amazingly there were just two built and painted in this stunning Spring Green color.

You might recognize the host as one Lou Costabile a Youtuber which calls his videos My Car Story and today he is in the company of Tom Lembreck, the guy who is the proud owner of this amazing 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona Hemi.
Lou had such an amazing luck to be driven in a vehicle that was literally taken out of a museum for this video and will be going back to one at the end of the day, while in the meantime getting to talk to the owner and even got to hear this baby squeal its tires at a few red lights and on the parking lot.
Play the video and go on this amazing ride in one of the rarest cars out there.


1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Reactor

This ’67 Mustang fastback, built by the Ringbrothers, is known as the “Reactor” and was personally unveiled and autographed by Jack Roush in the Roush Performance booth at the 2006 SEMA show.

1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Reactor VEHICLE SPECS

EngineRousch 427 IR – 551 hp, 525 lb torque
TransmissionBowler 5-Speed transmission, Detroit Locker rear end
SuspensionChris Alston’s Chassisworks Total Control front suspension, Air Ride Airba rear suspension
ExhaustFlowmaster 44 SS with Ringbrothers custom headers
BrakesBaer 6R 15″ front and 14″ rear
WheelsI-Forge: front 19×8, rear 19×11
TiresGoodyear Eagle F1 Supercar: front 255-40-19, rear 285-35-19
PaintBASF Glasurit Waterborne – Chernobyl Green (CMX-M5428G)